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Dental Clinic in Heviz, Hungary

Prof. Dr. Janos Szabo & son Dr. Arpad Szabo are dentists for your dental care in Hungary.

Our private dental clinic (Beautiful Teeth Ltd.) is located in Heviz in Hungary. We are specialized in dental implants, implant bridges, bone grafts, dental restorations as zirconium crowns and bridges and cosmetic dentistry. We make 3D planing, computer assisted operations and an individual after care. The prices of dental treatments are low in Hungary but not the quality of the treatments. The necessary materials are sourced from the best brands of Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, the United States and Japan.

Veneer and Bleaching

Do you wish to have the smile of a superstar? Blinding white teeth? The short and completely painless procedure can make you to be an envied person!

Zirconium Crown

Using the zirconium we make perfectly fitting, aesthetic- and natural-looking full ceramic crowns and bridges for your perfect look.

Dental implants, bone graft, sinus lift

The dental implant replaces the real root. During the procedure, the dental implant is set at the place of the lost tooth to which a crown is attached. Implants can often be used to support bridges if more natural teeth are lost. Dental Implants Info and Price

Diagnostics with CT-scan

This 3D image presentation is very precise. It allows the detection of possible bone damage and allows to evaluate the spatial variation of nerves so it can protect them. By means of a 3-dimensional imaging using the CBCT and the advanced 3D navigation the dental implants are safely placed at a pre-planned position with a drilling template. This provides maximum safety for the patient.


Free transfer from the airports: Budapest, Graz, Vienna and Zagreb to your accommodation and back.

We help you to organise your trip to the dental clinic of Beautiful-Teeth - Hungary in Heviz, step by step.

  1. Contact us via email. and inform us about your dental problems
  2. Available appointment dates will be arranged with you.
  3. When your flights have been booked to Budapest, to Vienna, to Graz or to Zagreb please send your flight details and we will confirm your dental appointments.
  4. You can choose the negotiated rates with the Hotel Prestige. To benefit from the special rates, bookings need to be made through us. Alternatively you may book yourself a hotel in Heviz.
  5. From any of the above mentioned airports the transfer to your hotel and back to the airport will be free of charge.


You can overwhelmingly smile.
Any kind of dental treatments required, please contact us via email or phone